About Us

Healthcare systems are overburdened around the world. In Montreal, the average wait time for a patient to see a physician is three week. More people find themselves in emergency rooms for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries, only because they know they will be seen that day. Others are choosing not to see a physician at all, rather than wait.

That's why we created ConnexMD.

ConnexMD is a telemedicine app offering immediate access to medical specialists. From ear infections to ankle sprains, ConnexMD users can rest easy knowing that whatever happens, they won't have to wait to receive professional medical advice.

Our interactive platform allows patients to instantly book a virtual or in-person consult and receive pharmacy prescription delivery.

Our goal is to help propel the medical system forward into the future–a future where the healthcare experience revolves around the patient's convenience. Because of this, we plan to evolve and grow based on your experiences and feedback on ConnexMD.

The future of medicine is at your fingertips–just reach into your pocket.

For more information about how our founder and CEO took his idea of sharing his network of Ivy League MDs with the world via a Doctor in their Pocket, see check out the full story